Mama fails

I’ve been hearing this a lot. ‘Mama, you hurt my life!’ 

So, I decided to make a list of the ways I have unconsolably and utterly messed up her day, subsequently, her life:

  1. I buttoned up her sweater
  2. I let the ketchup touch the fries (sacrilege!)
  3. I took a second extra to find a Barbie video on Youtube (Mamaaaaa, not the one with her singing, the one with her in a yellow dress…….. What?’
  4. I brushed her hair (only the front, didn’t get to the back. It was too late, I had lost the tangle battle)
  5. I buckled her second shoe. How dare I? Cue meltdown.
  6. I ate a bite of her nugget
  7. I didn’t sing ‘Hot Cross Buns‘ in the exact same way as her teacher
  8. I missed out that Goldilocks ALSO hurt her bum bum when she slept on Mama Bear’s bed, not just her back
  9. I forgot her picnic snack (ok ok, this one is legit)
  10. I can’t send her brother back to the ‘hospital where he came from’
  11. I promised her 3 stories I told her only 2
  12. The ice-cream melted before she finished it
  13. Her tutus were in the wash and she had to wear pants
  14. I used Listerine and then kissed her cheek (ewwwwww you smell so bad Maamaaaa)
  15. I ate salmon in front of her

And so on.

Strong preschoolers. May we know them, may we raise them, may we encourage them. Because at the end of it, it’s the feisty, opinionated ones that will survive, and in turn, thrive.

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