About Me

Hi! Latte & Love is something that makes me really happy.  It’s a social commentary, mama’s diary, travelogue and fashion blog. It raises questions I usually look up on Google and it’s how I say the stuff I really wish people would say.

Written as a means of a creative outlet, a rant and a means to just say it. It talks about everything and nothing. It delves into the mind that never sleeps. It is just me. As words.


Ex-copywriter and current Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). I’ve got two feisty kids and I’m raising them to be good, kind, feminist individuals (or trying to, at least).

I’m a literature fanatic and have been known to get lost in book stores and libraries. I love Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Amin Maalouf, Elif Shafak and Orhan Pamuk, who is also the inspiration for my son’s name.

I have an unquenchable amount of curiosity and if you know me, you know I love to talk.

Yoga enthusiast, photography student and aspiring novelist.


Thanks for reading:)




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